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Couture Series | Rejuvenate Plank
5/16" T x 5" W x 47 1/2" L

From The Couture Series, Introducing Rejuvenation Plank.

Both physically and emotionally, our homes are a vital element to the healthy inner-balance of our lives. Elements such as the wholeness of natural woods create restful atmospheres that inspire. The importance of transforming our living space into a fortitude for rejuvenation is evident as the pace of our lives seemingly increases. The comfortable grain texture of the hardwood species specifically chosen for the formation of Rejuvenate Plank create an aesthetically pleasing foundation for areas requiring the delicate balance of both functional and pleasant restful elements.

The soothing tone selected for the topical finish of the Rejuvenate Plank provides a radiant yet uniquely relaxing mood. Pleasant rooms designed to soothe and energize, assist you in unwinding from a busy day with restful surroundings. Wider hardwood plank widths satisfy the need for an inspiring back drop to the fine furniture pieces they uphold. Hardwood floors carefully created from beautiful species are timeless. They become a comfortable, enduring part of your home revitalizing and promoting well being.