Dominican Burmese Teak


Brazilian Ipe


Argentine Cherry


Santos Mahogany


World Imports | Terre Verte
Dimensions: .52" x 5" x random length

Terre Verte, Exotic Hardwood Floors

A generous 5" width plank creates a simple but substantial appearance. A well proportioned micro-bevel defines the dimension of each plank. Imported exotic species result in a shimmering multihued selection exceptional for use with any design theme. The carefully applied finishes not only magnify the visual splendor of the grain, they protect the surface of the floor with a 25 year finish warranty. Waxing and polishing are a thing of the past. Just standard cleaning and sweeping is all this hardwood floor needs.

Timeless style, Terre Verte exotic planks are now available for immediate shipment.

Currently available in 4 selections.

* Argentinian Cherry
* Brazilian Walnut /Ipe
* Burmese Teak
* Santos Mahogany

Designed in California by Heritage Woodcraft (TM)