Laminate | Windmere Collection
8.3mm T x 6 5/16" W x 47 5/8" L

Is it real? This new laminate collection features the latest in bevel edge design. Technology and design made it possible... Rather than using a dyed or painted bevel edge, the laminate itself has been cantered and compressed into the edge bevel of each plank. This creates a more realistic looking appearance allowing the grain design to show through on the bevel just like real hardwood flooring.

Until now painted edge bevel designs were the only option. Now, antique inspired floors come in the form of low maintenance, high performing, no wax laminate floors with real wood designed bevel edges. The wood designs chosen for the madison collection are the most realistic available with current technology. There is a difference, a look at the images online provides an indication of the real product.

Never has the authentic appearance of real wood been so closely replicated. Madison's 8.3mm thick hand-planed surface conjures impressions of a wide plank hardwood floor. Full width planks remove any thought of a 2- or 3-piece veneer floor. Uncompromising and exclusive pattern designs and full laminate bevel edges fool even the most discriminating. Madison pairs easily with a wide range of interior styles.

The registered embossed grains and bevel follow the actual imprinted texture on the surface adding depth to the grain while creating a rich patina. The vintage finish provides a true wood appearance that spans design themes from contemporary to classic.

Easy, quick installation, simply lock the boards together. The wonderful look of a real beveled edge full plank floor ready for a lifetime of maintenance free use, in just one day.

Designed in California by Artisan Floors (R).