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Laminate | Windmere Collection
8.3mm T x 5" W x 3' 11 5/8" L

Welcome to the new benchmark in Laminate floors.

Artisan Floors Windmere Collection. When everything in your life reflects elegance and good taste, you'll certainly want to accessorize your home with the Windmere Collection. Sleek planks, beautifully contoured 4 sided bevel, designed for perfection for those who care passionately about all the details.

Firm Underfoot. Thanks to the 8.3mm thick HDF fiberboard core, laminate has never sounded nor felt more real than this. High density fiberboard means more impact/indent protection for life's mishaps.

Each plank is tastefully designed in a full 5" wide beveled profile. Time consuming Micro-Beveled edges are applied to all 4 sides of the planks to further define the desired width. Micro-Beveled edges add depth and texture to the room, mimicking the carved edges of traditional hardwood planks.

Random length planks in every carton add the extra detail. Rooms are never just about the pictures and important pieces: it's about creating a foundation, a background. Floors containing planks of varying lengths add extra dimension and exceptional detail to every room.

The swedish satin-glo finish delivers an uncompromisingly realistic wood appeal. Slightly more refined texture mimics its traditional sitesanded and site-finished ancestor.

Glueless tongue and groove. Locks in place, stays in place. No adhesive, No gaps, easier installation.

Designed in California by Artisan Floors (R).